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The Akashic Records are an energetic database of all Souls, past, present and future. Any reading from the Akashic Records tunes into the client at Soul level, assessing their true Soul Self, their past life karma and their highest path and purpose moving forward.

Soul Profile - $145

The Soul Profile reviews your Divine Soul Blueprint: your soul group, energetic makeup and specializations. We also discuss the themes you are exploring in this life and some other relevant details that help you to better understand, love and embody your Soul Self. The information we cover in this reading will be supportive and relevant for all of the other readings, coaching sessions and the rest of your life. You will receive a recording of the reading as well as a written transcript of information covered.


Soul Connection Relationship Reading - $145

Our relationships are a defining aspect of what it means to be human- how we express ourselves and grow. As we know each relationship is special, some are very special (or very challenging). This reading explores the connection between you and another Soul: the compatibility of your Soul profiles, shared past lives, shared karma, blocks to harmony and themes the relationship is holding for each of you. This is a powerful reading that can provide clarity for deep healing, whether in coming together or moving apart.


Follow Up Sessions - $100

The intention for follow up sessions is to support you in grounding, embodying and applying the wisdom of your reading in real life. Chelsea will support you in deepening your spiritual practice, tuning into you, your needs and what might be presenting as a block in receiving those needs and how to clear the path forward. Before meeting, Chelsea will check in to see how you are, what is going on and what support you may need to create a session that will support you best. 



Chelsea is an ambitious adventurer, happy homemaker & lover of the little things. She shares my space with my husband, their 2 sons, and many fur-babies. Her favorite forms of nourishment come from hiking, gardening, kayaking, camping, cooking & traveling.


Chelsea has been studying and offering Mindfulness, Yoga and Akashic Records Readings for over a decade. She views these practices as paths more than a career alone. She is honored to work with you, share herself with you and experience the beauty of who you are. 

Available evenings, weekends, and by request.

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