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A Psychic Medium session is a safe space to connect with your loved ones in spirit. Offering comforting, loving, and healing messages with confirmation, validation, and evidence, sessions prove the continuity of life. Each reading is special and unique by their own Divine design and bring you the healing messages you seek as you continue along your journey. Preparation for your session can begin with thinking about and writing questions you may have for your loved ones, wearing or carrying a token or heirloom that represents them, and giving yourself space and time before and after the session for some reflective time.  


Psychic Medium Session (60 min) - $150

Cancellation Policy
Full payment is required for the following conditions:
- Less than 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment.
- No show or missed appointment.
- Late arrivals. If you are late to your appointment, treatment will still end at the scheduled time.


Stacey’s journey to stepping fully into her psychic medium abilities began at the tender age of 9 when the understanding of life, death, and the afterlife came to her conscious awareness. Enchanted by strong intuition and her abilities to see, feel, and know things around her, she kept that burning zeal for more in her soul. As time went on she didn’t quite know how to express what she was experiencing, so her extrasensory gifts were suppressed. Through the years she bypassed her intuition and her abilities lay dormant. Over the next 3 decades, she dove deep into self healing when her gifts came back up to the surface. In 2022 she began development of her psychic medium abilities and immediately fully reactivated her extrasensory abilities and enhanced intuition.


Clairvoyance - clear seeing beyond the physical eyes

Clairaudience - clear hearing

Clairsentience - clear feeling with physical body

Clairempathy - clear feelings of emotions

Claircognizance - clear knowing


Stacey’s life purpose is to bridge the waking life and after life together seamlessly while holding sacred space for you to explore insight, messages, and conscious conversation with your loved ones in spirit.  


Stacey is available Wednesday and Thursday 12-4pm, and Sunday 12-6pm

Events and gatherings upon request

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