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Psychic Readings

Psychic Healing & Guidance: 

There are times in life when we need guidance or reassurance that we are on the right path in life. Sometimes we start to feel lost or stuck, or we need clarity and insight regarding the next steps to take. During your personalized reading, Marina will connect with her Guides and interpret their messages. Using her empathic sensitivities she will help you understand aspects of your life more fully.

The main priority in every reading is cultivating awareness, empowerment, self-love, and a connection with your own intuitive gifts. We will also talk about practical ways for you to seamlessly work these new insights into your life to best support you. We can also use Tarot and Oracle cards if you would like visual reminders to help you on your journey. 


Psychic Reading Prices: 

30 minute- $40 

60 minute - $70 

Tarot & Oracle Readings: 

The Tarot is a symbolic map of consciousness that encompasses our journey through life, both spiritually and practically. During your Tarot reading, Marina will be divining wisdom and guidance from the cards. The cards provide insight into the innermost truths of your higher self. In other words, the cards provide an evolved awareness of what you already know deep within. During Marina’s Tarot readings she will primarily use the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck but may also use Absolute Affirmations, the Shamanic Medicine Oracle, the Starseed Oracle, or the Work Your Light Oracle deck. 


Tarot Reading Prices: 

15 minute - $15 (walk-in only: Tues 9am-12pm, Thurs 4:30-5:30pm

30 minute - $40

60 minute - $70

Tarot Membership - Monthly Tarot for $60, cancel at any time

Tarot Bundles - (packages of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 Tarot readings for 15% OFF)


*For other types of discounted memberships or packages (bi-weekly, bi-monthly, psychic readings, etc.) please contact Marina at


Marina has been giving intuitive advice her whole life. Feeling a strong shift in 2020, she began taking her gifts more seriously and realized her ability to channel divine guidance was more than just intuition. After completing her training under psychic mentor Divine Mary-Louisa in 2021, she left her corporate job in 2022 and started her professional practice, Cosmic Marina LLC. Her readings focus less on entertainment or fortune-telling and more on spiritual growth, learning to trust our own innate wisdom and anything else that comes through to support a client's overall well-being and happiness. She loves connecting with the benevolent energy of angels, fairies, and otherworldly beings.


Marina is available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9-7; Tuesday: 11-7;  and Friday: 9-5



“Marina was very intuitive, receptive and compassionate. She was present for me and my needs without being rushed or distracted. It was informative and healing to work with Marina.” -Pam 


“Marina brings true clairvoyance to her psychic readings. So many moments pierced the heart of what resistance I was carrying and released me into a pool of nurturing love. She understood my intention immediately and guided me through a profound block in my spiritual journey, conjuring parts of myself I have not been in touch with in years. After my session, I am feeling lighter, fuller, more present, and more compassionate towards myself. I highly recommend her gifts to any who are open to receive them!” -Jamus 


“I love working with Marina. She makes me feel very heard and safe. Marina is incredibly gifted, not only in her psychic ways but also in her interpersonal skills. I definitely received the guidance I was looking for. My hour spent with Marina provided a lot of clarity on where I am at mentally, and goals and intentions for myself. Marina does a great job communicating her visions and guidance from higher powers, and also shows great cognitive therapy traits. I would love to recommend Marina to my friends and can't wait to schedule a session with her again. I think regularly having sessions with her would be a great alternative to CBT." -Jasmin 


“Marina has a such a lovely and positive energy which not only makes me feel so comfortable during the reading but I also just leave more excited and hopeful about life! Sometimes psychic readings can be overwhelming and intense for me but I always look forward to our readings because of her calm, fun, non-judgmental and safe energy. I tend to be hard on myself and question my life path but Marina always does an amazing job of making me feel more empowered to trust my intuition. I always recommend her to friends and even people who are a bit more skeptical because of how spot on her readings are. I really just leave them like I had a breath of fresh air and everything feels a little bit more magical” -Nicole 


“I went into the session feeling anxious because I was afraid that Marina would tell me things I didn't want to hear. She quickly assured me that the only thing she hopes to do is make me feel more empowered and lighter. She was right. I walked out of it feeling much lighter, more grateful, and more hopeful about my future. The main benefit I took from the session was learning to enjoy the present moment and to trust that I'm on the right path. Marina also pointed out some helpful signs and muses to look out for on my journey that might help. Seeking out or keeping my eyes open to these signs will definitely open me up to more things and therefore bring more abundance into my life. I would definitely recommend Marina as a psychic to anyone seeking some guidance and healing!” -Natalie 


“This was a great experience! Marina was very welcoming and carried a calming energy!” -Hanna 


“Marina is very smart and when she’s tapped in, you will receive the answers you’ve been looking for. The psychic I went to before Marina was all over the place and it was really refreshing to have someone like Marina actually be genuine and tapped in. She had all the guidance I needed to know I’m on the right track.” -Valerie 

“Marina's readings are interesting and really fun. She can put things into a perspective that feels supportive and hopeful. This session helped me understand the healing work that is currently happening in my body. I have a better sense of what is going on and why I need to be gentle with myself right now. Marina talked about the healing process being "fun". That was refreshing to me because I tend to think of it as hard work. I like the fun perspective. I highly recommend Marina's readings. She is professional, accurate, and thoughtful. Her ability to focus in on what is needing to be seen is profound. What makes Marina's readings exceptionally valuable is that she can speak to your experiences in a way that feels very comforting and safe.” -Jane 

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