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Yin Yoga, Marcia Uhl

TUES 8am

Gentle Yoga
with Marcia

We begin on the floor with subtle movements to warm the body and release the fascia.


Then we practice gentle yoga postures to increase flexibility, strength, and balance.


We end class with restorative poses that offer passive stretching of the body and deep relaxation. All are welcome to join this class to renew, relax, and restore.

1 class - $18

5 classes - $85

10 classes - $160

heart songs and circle songs community singing sing

MON 7/8 6-7:30pm

Heart Songs & Circle Songs
with Heather Pierson and Bernice Martin

Heart Songs & Circle Songs is an ongoing interactive project to nurture harmony and community in the world through the teaching and sharing of original songs.


In worship service, song circle, workshop, or concert format, Heather and Bernice bring this work into churches, schools, homes, community centers, informal gatherings, and anywhere that the ideals of harmony and unity may take hold.


suggested donation

karate for self defense

FRI 5:30pm

Karate for Self Defense
with Tina

A valuable class about situation and body awareness, prevention, as well as self defense principles and techniques.

This traditional karate style has a strong focus on self defense. You will learn some basic karate techniques to use to defend yourself in different situations.


There will be some technique additions with each successive class, but also reinforcement of previously learned techniques, with a chance to practice them in class.


Class is being held as a 4 week series starting 5/24/24.

4 classes - $68

restorative yoga robin hastings chelsea latham simon

TUES 5:30pm

Stretch and Restore Yoga
with Chelsea

Join us for a dynamic, restorative practice that focuses on quieting the mind, settling the body and connecting back to your natural rhythm.


We will begin with some gentle movement and stretching then end with deep stillness of restorative yoga poses. There will be mindful pauses throughout for centering, connecting to breath and softening any restlessness that creeps back in.

1 class - $18

5 classes - $85

10 classes - $160


THURS 5:30pm starts 6/13

Outside Hatha Flow
with Chelsea Simon

Join Chelsea for some fresh air, stunning views, and gentle movement in a practice that will take place outside on the grass behind the studio.


After we land and center we will go through some basic warm ups and sun salutations, which we will round out with some standing and balancing poses.


The practice will then move through deeper stretches and end with a restorative position. All levels welcome, it is always encouraged to find your limit and go no further.


Bring whatever you may need to be comfortable outside. In case of inclement weather we will move into the studio.


Please check in at the front desk (and grab props) before heading out back.

1 class - $18

5 classes - $85

10 classes - $160

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Marcia Uhl

SAT 8:30am

Hatha Vinyasa
with Marcia

In this class we tune into the rhythm of our breath and begin to move
with ease and grace.


We create strength and flexibility and we embrace stillness.


Tension and stress are released from the muscles and joints as the body opens. You will leave class with a sense of stability and connection to the body, mind, and spirit. All levels are welcome.

1 class - $18

5 classes - $85

10 classes - $160

yoga for grief grieving robin hastings gentle yoga heart opening

WED 5:30pm

Yoga for Grief
with Robin H.

This all levels, 75-minute class will typically begin with grounding and centering breathwork on your mat.

Breathwork techniques will be introduced or reviewed so that students may return to one of the techniques as needed. We will work on gently opening and releasing grief from the heart and lungs.

Postures that help to release emotions and that return us to the strength of our physical foundations will be explored.

Class will come to conclusion in supported, gentle postures and an extended savasana.

1 class - $18

5 classes - $85

10 classes - $160

Yin Yoga, Marcia Uhl

FRI 8am

Yin Yoga
with Marcia

A non-flow class using stillness to strengthen, lengthen, and hydrate deep connective tissue to increase flexibility and mobility.


The practice of long, passively held floor poses balances the flow of energy and improves our physical and emotional health. All levels are welcome. No yoga experience is necessary.

1 class - $18

5 classes - $85

10 classes - $160

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